Powerel Enterprise Co., Ltd. is specialized in the investment, research and development, manufacture and sales of inversion and reactance and providing inverter transformer for solar energy, wind energy and traction power. Now, Powerel possess hundreds of products of three series, inverter transformer, reactor and special transformer, which are widely utilized in industries of railway traction, solar photovoltaic power generation, power generation by wind energy, lighting, UPS(uninterruptible power supply), EMS(emergency power supply, medical care and power supply for enterprises.

    Powerel Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, a city with rapid development on information, in 2001 and set up a branch in Suzhou in May 2006. The company adopts rational humanized management and formulates series policies on excellent treatment for staff (besides, the company sets up natural disaster allowance innovatively. The company owns complete office equipments, advanced semi-automatic and full-automatic equipments and sets of reliable high-precision detection equipments with high efficiency. Due to the focus and analysis on market, Powerel begins to conduct development on green and environmental friendly solar energy and wind energy. Changsha Research and Development Center established through the cooperation of the company and Shenyang Transformer Research Institute is specialized in the research and development together the design of inverter transformer and reactor. Transformer made by Level H insulating materials is featured product of Powerel. Meanwhile, Powerel is one of the few domestic providers of traction power transformers.
    On the existing production basis, Powerel is constantly seeking for new technology and approaches to enhance and perfect original technique and unceasingly exploring new areas. The company has got the certification of CE and Quality System of ISO9000:2008. Holding the concept of providing the most appropriate products and services for customers, Powerel produces the products in strictly accordance with customers’ requirements and products quality management system. Keeping close to the market demand, varieties of Powerel products are being perfected. At the same time, Powerel have been corporation partners of many famous enterprises, like SIEMENS, AMADA, brother, KONKA, FOXCONN, SANTAK, APC, ACIE and EMERSON, by technological advantages and experiences through long-term accumulation. 
    Powerel highly expects to cooperate with other enterprises in the course of growth.