Ⅰ. Enterprise Spirit
    Enterprise Mission
    Be a company satisfied by both customers and staff. 
    Enterprise Philosophy
    Technology is the Basis, Management is the Power. 
    Working Philosophy
    Happy working, Heartful working, enjoy the progress of each day.
    Operation Philosophy
    Honesty First, Service Most
   For sticking to honest operation, Powerel makes customers trust us increasingly. Then customers can tell us theirs needs and solve problems with us together. So honesty is the premise of the further communication between Powerel and customers, and it is the footstone for the safe cooperation for customers. The adaptability of products of Powerel solves abundant problems for customers. It has been the most distinctive service to manufacture products for customers according to the needs of their industries. Various demands of customers can be satisfied by the service mode of manufacturing products according to the needs of customers and prevention oriented. 
    Persisting in Innovation, Win in High-end Products.
    To fulfill the demands of market, our products have been developed to the energy-saving fields of solar energy and wind energy. We are devoted to research, development and manufacturing of inverter transformers and reactors, which ease the domestic condition of lacking of high-end products of transformers. Recently, the close focus and analysis on market assist Powerel to get an upper hand in the market. Unceasingly seeking for new technology and solutions may be one factor which promotes Powerel to be an essential part in the development of transformer industry.
    Excellent Quality
    For years, Powerel has supplied serve products with excellent quality to meet the demands of customers so that positive reputation and trust has been attained from a lot of famous enterprises. Powerel has kept improving technique defects to perfecting technology, and persist in seeking for new technology to satisfy demands and to increase the diversification of the market. The constant innovation and development of products allows Powerel to win in market competition. 
    Abundant Products, Flexible Plans
    Powerel manufactures hundreds of products in three series, inverter transformer, reactor and special transformer, which are widely utilized in various areas of the society. With the purpose to solve problems for customers, Powerel formulates flexible product plan for the convenience of meet a variety of demands of customers. Research and develop, design and manufacture transformers which shall be in compliance with the overall application system specification according to the machinery structure, size, connection modes, magnetic flux, voltage grade and frequency so that the cost performance can be optimized. 

Ⅱ. Enterprise Football Culture
     Established in 2004, Powerel Football Team, with 5 years’ history, has becoming a beautiful and dynamic cultural part of the enterprise. The Football Team are composed of staffs and workers who enjoy playing football lovers. Some workers and staffs left the Football Team in the past years and some come, but our enthusiasm and passion to football never reduce and the Football Team is always last stand. Developing from several members, Powerel Football Team nowadays is competent. The original objective of establishing Powerel Football Team is bodybuilding, making friends via football and creating harmonious environment within the team. At present, Powerel is emphasizing on establishing its own football culture since it considers football game is not only a sports events for bodybuilding but also a means to create a more harmonious working and living environment and football game is gradually becoming a part of the enterprise culture. Its football culture reflects more of cohesion of the teamwork and the nonstop working vitality and is deeply penetrating into various production and sales process and becoming an indispensable part of the enterprise. Powerel will organize various football matches, hoping various football lovers to participate in the matches, as well as to establish and promote its own football culture.