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    Baoying Long to provide the most professional solution for inverter industry

In the process of customer service , our customers need to know the specific circumstances and the challenges they face in business and production processes. Our developing solutions targeted , you can easily meet the specific process requirements and technical requirements of each customer .

    Baoying Long Motor owns converter reactors and power transformers ten years of R & D and manufacturing experience , to ensure the stability of the product 's technical specifications and performance parameters . The company established a professional R & D center in Changsha , the introduction of foreign advanced equipment , is committed to traction , solar, wind inverter transformer ; inverter reactance research and design, to provide the best solutions to customer needs .

    Company focused on innovation and development of the industry, Li Yong forefront of international technology industry . Multi-level department controls the company , the whole industry chain synergies to industry-leading technology and large enterprise services , has won the majority of customer support and recognition.

    Companies from home and abroad to introduce advanced R & D testing equipment in order to further improve the product structure , the use of the latest software , not only can process and analyze the data , but also to provide effective measures to improve plant efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Improve product performance reliability and economy , reflecting the high-tech product design and development .